Go Pro Contest Submission

Author: Chris Owens

As you may have heard, at our operations in Alaska, we have joined forces with Go Pro to put cameras in the hands of our clients and turn them loose on the interweb machine. We’ve backed this up with a great contest. The best fully edited submission from a client will win a free heli ski trip next season! Check out this submission from John and Xavier! Thanks guys, and good luck!

4 Responses to “Go Pro Contest Submission”

  1. Tim Green says:

    Awesome video. I’m a professional sports cameraman in Houston. What’s the name of the song? Summers here and I can’t wait until winter again. I got to get me one of those Go pros. Great stuff guys.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Great work :)

    song is :
    I Just wanna run
    from: the downtown fiction

  3. Helen Karagiannis says:

    I just wanna run : downtown fiction

  4. Helen Karagiannis says:

    Xavier and John have a second video where you can see them arriving on the Isthmus.
    Check it out:

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